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Lois & Bill Gunderman
27.03.12, 05:57
This note is in regards to the aftermath of our recent damaging hurricanes.

After hearing relatives, neighbors and friends tell me of their problems getting the a...
Garry Hosler
27.03.12, 05:55
A letter of thanks for what you do for me concerning my insurance matters. The additional work you did to find me a cost savings regarding my home coverage demonstrates the hi...

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Protecting Other People

Did you know ...

More than 75% of trampoline accidents happen with more than one person on the trampoline?

Dog attacks on humans, including those which have resulted in deaths, have become more common?

Let's say you are driving to work tomorrow and had an accident and you were at fault. There is $300,000 in damages and medical bills. Would you want this entire amount paid?

If someone was seriously injured in this accident and sued you for $1,000,000 would you want your insurance to pay the full amount?:

Do you have a trampoline?

Do you have any income-producing hobbies?

Do you have any type of home-based business?

Protecting Your Property

Did you know...

Your homeowner's policy has a limitation on how much it will pay to replace certain items such as jewelry, guns and collections?

You should take a complete inventory of all appliances and items in your home. Hopefully you will never have a fire but if you do you will benefit from having a record of all of your possessions.

It is important that we know about any home-based businesses to be certain that computers and other equipment are covered.

Do you have any jewelry that you would want replaced if it were lost or stolen while on vacation?

If you had damage to your car or home would you prefer to have a lower deductible for less out-of-pocket, or would you prefer to lower your premium by choosing a higher deductible?

If you were injured in a car accident and the other driver did not have sufficient coverage would you want your policy to cover the bills?

Do you have any vehicles such as snowmobiles, boats or other recreational vehicles?

Do you have any collections such as guns or artwork?

Do you have a vacation home or rental property?

Do you have an inventory of your household possessions?

Do you live in an area frequented by floods, earthquakes or earth movements?

Do you have problems with water in your basement?

Do you have a sump pump in your basement?

Protecting Yourself and Your Family

Did you know ...

More homes are lost every year due to the death of a spouse than are lost by fire?

A person age 65 today faces a 40% chance of spending time in a nursing home
during their lifetime.

In the event of death, would you want loans on any of your vehicles paid off?

In the event of death, would you want the mortgage on your home paid off?

If you had a chronic illness that left you unable to care for yourself for an extended period of time, where would you want the money to come from to cover your living expenses?

Do you have any drivers under the age of 21?

Do you have any drivers away at college?

Changes to Your Situation

Have you made any improvements or additions to your home or property over the past year?

Have you made any major purchases in the past year?

Have you added a burglar alarm or other security devices to your home or auto over the past year?

In order to protect your assets, it is important that we have complete information about your insurance coverage
that is not written by us. Please provide information on the type of coverage, renewal date and the current
insurance company.

Do you have any questions about your insurance program?

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